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Friends in the Park

Friends in the Park book cover art

One of my favorite books I have read during this project is Friends in the Park by Rochelle Bunnett. This picture book really warmed my heart as I turned the pages. Friends in The Park shows children with various disabilities playing together. One of the children is a wheelchair user; however, he still is playing with all the other children. Another child is depicted to have Down syndrome. This picture book demonstrates that a person’s disability does not restrain them from living a normal life. Although these children have physical disabilities, they are still shown having fun with the other children. The target audience for Bunnett’s book is children in kindergarten to first grade. If young children read this book, it would introduce them to disabilities they may be unaware of. Also, this exposure shows kids that people with disabilities are just like everyone else and should be treated as so. Overall, Friends in The Park is a heartwarming children’s book that I feel is beneficial for young children to read.


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