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Rescue and Jessica

Rescue and Jessica book cover art

The book Rescue and Jessica showcases a woman who loses both of her legs from the Boston Marathon Bombing and finds a service dog that brings back her joy. The book shows a true representation of a tragedy that causes someone’s life to change. The authors honestly portray the struggles and recovery of the bombing victim. The book also shows how service dogs are trained and the amount of service they provide to their owner. The authors and illustrator briefly touch upon the mental struggles that often occur when someone experiences a traumatic event.

This book is inspiring to people of all ages. It demonstrates to readers that disabilities don’t need to limit you; that if you find something that brings you joy and happiness, you can achieve many things. As a person who wants to work with children and show them that disabilities don’t limit them, this book helps show that there might be setbacks, but if you keep trying, you can achieve anything. This book received the 2019 Schneider Award which just goes to show that representation of a disability is important. When books like these get awarded, it shows people that these topics are necessary and that there is an audience for them. Rescue and Jessica shines a positive light on people with disabilities, because as a person with a disability, it is nice to read a book that shows that a disability does not have to limit me. 


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