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Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth book cover art

While reading Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce, I often contemplated the direction this book was going, but what always seemed clear was that despite it seeming like a funny light read, it carried a heavy message. Speaking on the subject of what it is like to feel like a temporary kid in a foster home, it explores the concept that home is more than just a place. Throughout the book, Prez develops a relationship with Sputnik, an alien, who seems like a boy to just Prez but a dog to everyone else. Sputnik can read Prez’s thoughts and manipulate the laws of space and time. This book contains a valuable heartwarming lesson for any child that has ever felt like they didn’t have a home to belong to; it challenges that happiness doesn’t always have to come from a family, but from within.


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