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Aitor Has Two Moms (Aitor Tiene Dos Mamas)

Aitor Has Two Moms book cover art

“Aitor Has Two Moms” is a great children’s book. I read it a while back because it truly piqued my interest. The fact that it is a Spanish book that outwardly speaks on homosexuality is quite groundbreaking. These kinds of books are not very common. Most children-targeted media normally tries to stay in a neutral and non-controversial state. This is especially true for more conservative countries like Spain. I truly appreciate this book because it steps outside boundaries and defies the norm. Additionally, I especially love that it is a book dedicated and targeted to children. I love the idea of exposing children to diversity from a younger age. I believe that if we begin to expose our children from a younger age to such topics, they will grow to be a more open-minded and accepting generation. The book gives great insight into the real struggles of what it is like to grow up with two moms rather than the stereotypically-assumed mom and dad. It was especially interesting to understand how living in a small town factors into how the child’s experience will turn out to be. The book is thought-provoking, even as an adult reader and I can only imagine how much it could positively affect the perspective of a child. This book is also a great resource to a child who has two moms; it is relatable to them and it can give them support when they are going through a bad time. 


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