Star-Crossed by Barbara Dee is a heartfelt and uplifting novel about Mattie, a bookworm and star student whose had a crush on one of her fellow classmates Elijah for about a year. Her friends Lucy and Tessa know she had a crush on him for the longest, but one day at a party, Mattie meets the new girl, Gemma, and starts to develop an interest in her. As time passes, her crush for Gemma grows, as well as her confusion considering she was just crushing on Elijah. When Mattie’s English teacher announces who will be casted in Romeo and Juliet, Mattie is delighted to hear that she will be taking over the role of Romeo since the other student casted broke his arm; and Gemma will be playing Juliet. Despite her nervousness and not wanting others to find out, the play was still a success.

I enjoyed reading this book because it was like none I’ve ever read before. It was an adorable and sweet story on life, friendships, and family dynamics. I loved how normal and totally fine everyone was with her having a crush on a girl. Her sister and friends were very supportive and reminded her there’s nothing to be afraid of. Overall, it’s clear she learns to stay true and honest with herself. I believe this is a great book every middle-school library should have.


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